The “real” BOSS at Bin Boss is often a point of debate (and humour) in the Pullman Family.

Bin Boss is a family-business headed by Gary Pullman, a good ol' boy from Burk's Falls with a 25-year history in excavation, construction business, serving residents and municipal townships in, and around the Almaguin area. Gary “knows everybody” and gets a smile and a wave from vehicles he passes on the back roads and area highways.

After years owning a construction company, it was time for a change, so Gary sold his company and started a disposal bin company. Over the years with his construction company he experienced a need for a bin business that is dedicated to bins that was affordable – so he took a chance and so far the feedback from customers has been great!

Gary's friendly and outgoing wife Amber runs the office and schedules the bins. Amber has a strong business background including years as an entrepreneur as she owned two Apple Computer Retail Stores, was a Marketing and Design Director as well as a Director for Metroland Media. With very different skills and a whole lot of enthusiasm these two make an odd, but really great team — they share one thing in common – a strong emphasis on customer service. Their motto (that is framed in their office) is, “never let up, never let down”. The goal is not to grow into a large company but to build relationships and service the heck out of the customers —- and enjoy the business journey along the way!

Their vibrant daughter, Victoria, was an honour student and ambassador at Almaguin Highlands Secondary School and now attends Queen's University in Kingston. Victoria majors in Global Development and does volunteer work all around the world – including at an elephant sanctuary in Cambodia and cleaning up plastic from the sea floor in Portugal. Victoria wears her Bin Boss shirt proudly and loves to go out with her Dad to pick up and drop off bins. You will often hear Victoria laugh and say, “bins! bins! bins!”.

Gary's approach to business is simple; keep the service affordable and treat people right. So far it seems to be working and Bin Boss added more bins and a new truck and, the customers seem to appreciate what it has to offer the community.

For more information about Bin Boss or to enquire about a bin call Amber at 705-382-2000