Bin Restrictions

We haul away most of your unwanted junk and items but due to safety regulations and landfill restrictions we cannot accept the following items:

  • Car Batteries

  • Paint Cans

  • Oil and Chemicals

  • Asbestos

  • Electronic Waste (computers, printers and TV’s)

  • Vehicle Tires

  • Mouldy items

  • Hazardous Materials (such as explosive, flammable items, propane tanks or gasoline)

  • No Bio-hazardous Waste

  • No Vehicle Tires

  • No Freon based items; air conditioners, fridge, freezer, dehumidifier, etc.

DO NOT FILL BIN past wall height. If it is filled too high it may not be picked up and an extra fee may be charged for a second attempt.

Extra fees will be added if the above items are found in your bin.