Disposal Bins are a simple and cost effective way to dispose of your old shingles.

We want your booking to be easy peasy – just text us at 705-388-BOSS (2677) or email We just need address, day and time of delivery – You can even pay with your interac card right on-site! No need to worry about the cost because we offer FLAT RATES for roofing also.


Old roofing shingles are taken to be crushed up and recycled. For this reason, shingles have their own dedicated bin. It is fine to place paper packaging from tile packaging on top of shingles but nothing else can be mixed in.

The list below will help you decide what size bin is appropriate for your roofing job – or call us and we will help to facilitate your booking.

6 Yard Bin – This bin holds up to 55 bundles of roofing shingles.

10 Yard Bin – This is perfect for mid-sized roofing jobs holding up to 90 bundles of roofing shingles.

15 Yard Bin – This is the biggest bin we offer for roofing jobs and will hold over 100 roofing shingles.

Happy Tossing!!!